Who is Yizhak Toledano?

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Developer

Location: Florida, United States

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Yizhak Toledano is a successful real estate developer for commercial and residential projects mostly located in South Florida.

Yizhak Toledano was born and raised in Nazareth Elite Israel. At the young age of 26, Toledano decided to move to the United States to gain further experience and expand his professional skill-set. In America, Toledano first worked as a mortgage banker gaining a financial understanding of the residential real estate market and business cycle. Through his work, Yizhak Toledano was exposed to the financial perspective of real estate development; from the process of funding a project to collecting payments, inspecting properties and monitoring mortgages over time. With a strong on-site background and a newly gained understanding of the financial aspects of funding real estate ventures, Toledano decided to strike out on his own. In the year 2001 Yizhak Toledano created Sky Development, a real estate development firm specializing in real estate acquisition and development.

Creating Sky Development was a turning point for Yizhak Toledano. With the fate of his company on his shoulders alone, Toledano began to take on projects that showcased his talents for identifying unique real estate opportunities and transforming them into measurable and tangible successes. Compared to the types of projects Toledano handles today, his first project was humble in size and depth: the acquisition and renovation of two apartment buildings in Miami, Florida. With the successful completion of his first independent project, Toledano’s confidence and business acumen grew. He decided to take on larger and larger projects, combining both residential and commercial development initiatives. Some notable Sky Development projects include: “Skycity”, a mixed-building project located in downtown Orlando; “Memorial Hospital Pembroke” in Pembroke Pines; “The Villas at Palma Bella” in Palm Bay; and “Days Inn & Suites” located in Clermont. In addition to the many projects which are located in Florida, Sky Development also has one out-of-state project situated in Las Vegas Nevada. The project, “Residence at Canyon Gate”, was acquired in June 2005 and included 504 units which at completion were all successfully sold. In 2006, Sky Development experienced a strategic shift in its projects. Namely, the company began focusing more of its efforts and resources on commercial projects and lessened its emphasis on residential projects. Today, the company has grown to about thirty employees.

In addition to his ongoing work at Sky Development, Yizhak Toledano decided to expand his involvement in the financial sector and joined the Marquis Bank in 2007. His investment is valued at 9.9% and also includes an Advisory Board appointment. Marquis Bank mostly handles small business loans and specializes in commercial real estate funding.

Yizhak Toledano is also a generous philanthropist. In August of 2007, Toledano donated $3 million dollars to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation. The money was donated for the purpose of expanding the hospital building.

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